Child Assist Agency
Adoption in Ghana

Adoption in Ghana

Child Assist Agency is an adoption consultancy.  We provide information on both domestic and intercountry adoptions.


Non-Relative Adoption

Relative Adoption

Other Services

Apart from offering advice and information to our clients on how we can help them adopt a child in Ghana, we also provide information on other ways to help a client expand their family. Our services include the provision of information on the surrogacy and In Vitro Fertilisation processes in Ghana. Coming by such information in Ghana requires extensive research and often, hospitals and clinics do not wish to divulge such information to potential clients unless these clients have been to their facilities personally and have had one on one consultations with their doctors. 

Child Assist Agency steps in to ensure that both local and international clients have access to such information without going through the vigorous interviews and processes that these hospitals and clinics require potential clients to go through in order to just provide them with the basic information they seek. The Agency provides a comparison of these facilities and their fees and can act on behalf of the client to obtain all necessary information for a client until the client is ready to approach these facilities for help.

Clients interested in learning more about how we can help them can contact us for more information or fill out our online application to begin.